About Us

We work with artists far and wide to bring black art to Midwest.

We work with city and local officials and are rapidly expanding to included the schools from the state capital of Topeka KS.


Our Board Members And Volunteers

ATTYH Board Members

President, David Williams
Vice President, Robert Love
Treasury, Sheila Kinnard
Secretary, Janice Thacker
Lola McLaurian
Barbara Finney
Carol Smart
Gabe Lyday

Woxie Lyday
Saundra Hambrick
Rosie Vesey
Aaron Profit
Alfreda Arnold
Ford Carr
Mohumad Sharif
* Jozel Eckels

ATTYH Volunteers

Mary and Bill Breckenridge
Jay and Rhita Muci
Barbara Mackey
Wilma Moore Black

Tempie Hurssey
Nancy Scott
Bronson Thacker
Deborah Martin

Our Affiliated Partners

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