Black Educators Hall Of Fame

Since the beginning of our history on this continent, Black Educators have performed a vital service to America in general and specifically to African Americans. From one room schoolhouses, to institutions of higher learning, to sitting on policymaking boards, to executive and adminstrative positions. telling, tutoring, and teaching through the years with social grace, style, and academic excellence. ATTYH honors these Black Educators.

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photo 1

Josephine Brown

photo 2

Frank Crawford

photo 3

Dr. Evies Cranford

photo 4

LaTricia Brown

photo 5

Bill Breckenridge

photo 6

Mary Breckenridge

photo 7

Dr. Clyde Phillips

photo 8

Amanda Phillips

photo 9

Barbara Mackey

photo 10

Temple Hurssey

photo 11

Shirley McGilbray

photo 12

Delvin McGilbray

photo 13

Marian McDonald

photo 14

Bobbye Humphrey

photo 15

Samuel Mackey

photo 16

Jessie Foust

photo 17

Betty Arnold

photo 18

Willia Crawford

photo 19

Dr. Leonard Wesley

photo 20

Samuel Spaght

photo 21

Greg Guice

photo 22

Zenobia Washington

photo 23

Jan Davis

photo 24

Wendlyn Joy Ligons

photo 25

Wardell Bell

photo 26

Jerry Goodmon

photo 27

Cheryl McFarthing

photo 28

Rob Simon

photo 29

Gloria McAfee

photo 30

Michael Bruce

photo 31

Edith Balton